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Keller Williams Atlantic Partners
Master Faculty

At the core, Keller Williams has always been known as an educational based company both on a professional basis and a personal development basis.  Although we still believe we hold our own in the industry, the entire Leadership team (and some of you) believe we can improve.  Over time we have gotten away from the basics (the blocking and tackling) of running a real estate business.  Please note that I said running a real estate business, which is a far cry from someone calling themselves a real estate agent.

Our hand-selected cadre have been chosen for several different reasons:

* They've had past success

* They've been recommended by KWAP Leadership

* Volunteered to teach in the past

* Better than average understanding of the KW models

* Most likely invested in your business by attending FR or Mega Camp

* Excel in a certain skill set within the KW models

* Leaders within your Market Centers or Business Centers

IMG-2170-removebg-preview (1) (4).png

Suzanne Layser

Director of Operations


Ron Acker

Team Leader

Ron Taylor- August (3).jpg

Ron Taylor

Productivity Coach

StevenTufts_3768A (3).JPG

Steve Tufts

Operating Principle

Mark Dilworth.jpg

Mark Dilworth

Team Leader

connie head shot 002.jpg

Connie Grubbs

Managing Broker

IMG_3981 (1).jpg

Tyler Naumann

Director of Marketing &


Marianna McIntyre.jpg

Marianna McIntyre

Amelia Island Office Coordinator & Agent Services


Wilma Tucker

Ponte Vedra Office Coordinator & Compliance

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