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September Featured Book: Business Made Simple

"Donald Miller learned how to rise to the top using the principles he shares in this book. He wrote Business Made Simple to teach others what it takes to grow your career and create a company that is healthy and profitable."

These short, daily entries and accompanying videos will add enormous value to your business and the organization you work for. In this sixty-day guide, readers will be introduced to the nine areas where truly successful leaders and their businesses excel:

  • Character: What kind of person succeeds in business?

  • Leadership: How do you unite a team around a mission?

  • Personal Productivity: How can you get more done in less time?

  • Messaging: Why aren’t customers paying more attention?

  • Marketing: How do I build a sales funnel?

  • Business Strategy: How does a business really work?

  • Execution: How can we get things done?

  • Sales: How do I close more sales?

  • Management: What does a good manager do?

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