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  • Mark Dilworth

Spring Marketing Strategies

Your sphere is typically your largest source of business in Real Estate. How do you plan to reach out to your sphere this Spring? A general rule of thumb is that each month you want to touch your sphere at least twice. The most cost-effective way and time-efficient way to make these touches are through email or mail.

Spring Themed Email:

When you create an email, challenge yourself to not just include Real Estate information. If your customers typically only buy or sell a house every seven years and you're only including Real Estate information in your emails, they might only open your email every seven years. Choose information that is ALWAYS appreciated no matter what season your customer is in. You'll see a much higher open and engagement rate!

For your Spring themed email sent to your sphere, try including some of these fun seasonal or local elements.

--Picnic spots around Jacksonville

--Places to eat outdoors in Jacksonville

--Gardening Tips

--What to Plant in April in Florida

--Spring Bucket List

--Trails or outdoor activities around Jacksonville

--Spring themed recipe or cocktail recipe

--Summer vacation ideas (yes, they are already planning these things)

--Summer Camps in Jacksonville

--Calendar of events in Jacksonville

Spring Mailer OR Pop By

Snail mail has increased in effectiveness since the pandemic. People are still working from home and looking for connection to the outside world and therefore checking the mail more frequently. For your Spring Mailer you can use any of the same types of information that you've put in your email!

Another option in place of a mailer is a Pop By! Pop Bys are fun items of value that you use as an excuse to "pop by" your customer's house or workplace to deliver this special gift. Here are some examples of pop bys that are perfect for Spring- Full article here

  1. "Your Referrals make my business bloom." Spring is the perfect time to plant! Whether someone is planting a vegetable garden or simple landscaping, having wildflowers close by helps to keep the garden healthy and attract pollinating insects. This is a simple pop by that any Floridian can appreciate. Plus- when the flowers bloom your customers will think of you every time they see them.

Link to seed packets

Link to seed paper shaped like a house

2. "Why can't all customers BEE like you?!" Local honey is a GREAT gift for many reasons. Spring means that allergies are in full swing and eating local honey can help prevent allergy symptoms. Don't want to buy local? No worries! People still love honey for coffee, tea, baking, etc.

link to local honey

link to small honey jars

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